1/3 Worsley Terrace
Wigan WN1 1XW

aka Wigan Cemetery

A number of family ancestors are buried at the Wigan Cemetery in Lower Ince, many of them in family burial plots. Some have headstones while others are unmarked. They include:

  • Edward and Henry Harrison Families: the burial site of brothers Edward Harrison (b. 1855) and Henry Harrison (b. 1860) along with their wives and several other relatives.
  • William Harrison Family Burial Plot: the unmarked burial site of William Harrison (b.1838), his wife Ann Williams, son John Harrison (b. 1873) and John’s wife Ada Louisa Lowe.
  • Francis Whitfield and Family: the grave of Francis Whitfield, his second wife Ellen Talbot, third wife Elizabeth Harrison and Ellen Talbot’s mother, Sarah Talbot.
  • Thomas and Annie Thompson: the grave of Thomas Thompson (b. 1869) and his wife Annie Barton (b. 1872).
  • Edward Barton: what we believe to be the unmarked grave of Edward Barton (b. 1839).
  • Gladys Woods (1902 – 1909)
  • Ivy Jane Harrison (maiden name unknown): the first wife of Joseph Harrison (b.1906).


This cemetery is located at the end of Cemetery Road (off Warrington Road), Lower Ince, Wigan, WN3 4NN. Wigan Cemetery is situated on the east side of the main railroad tracks. It should not be confused with the adjacent Ince Cemetery which is on the east side of the tracks adjacent to Warrington Road.


Go south on Warrington Road from Wigan town centre for about 2km, pass the Ince Cemetery, and turn right on Cemetery Road. The Wigan Cemetery is directly ahead over the railroad bridge.

A plan of the cemetery showing the overall layout and the location of each numbered section can be found at wigan.gov

Cemetery Index

There is an index for the cemetery that can be searched by surname. It contains names, ages, places and dates of deaths as well as the plot numbers. The index is located on the Wigan World website.

Cemetery Information

Wigan Council provides assistance in locating burial and cremation records by completing an online form or by phone; see the Wigan Council web page Search Burial Records.

The on-site cemetery office can assist in locating plots that may not be clearly marked or easily found. Their contact number is 01942 866455.

Source Documents


Lower Ince Cemetery records have been indexed and are searchable at Wigan World.