This family burial site in Wigan Cemetery is the grave of thirteen family members. The first ancestor to be buried here was Edward Harrison who died of rabies in 1894, followed a few weeks later by his wife Martha who died of cancer. The most recent family members buried at this site were Bessie Gwilliam in 1998 and her husband, Robert Gwilliam, who passed away in 2009. The headstone appears to be the original 1894 headstone that has been amended over the years to add the names of some (but not all) of the ancestors subsequently buried here. The family is planning to update the headstone to provide a more complete and accurate record of the grave.

Location of the Grave

The grave is located in the Church of England section C of the cemetery (CE-C) at plot number 442. A plan of the cemetery showing the overall layout and the location of each numbered section can be found at

Headstone Inscription

In Loving Memory, Thy Will Be Done
Edward Harrison
Who died October 18, 1894
Age 39 Years
Also Martha, wife of the above
Who died November 8, 1894 Age 39 years
Also Alice, the beloved wife of
Henry Harrison
Born October 20, 1863, Died August 24, 1897
Also Alice, Daughter of Edward and Martha Harrison
Who died March 16, 1918, Aged 29 Years
In Jesu
Also Elizabeth Harrison
Daughter of the Above
Edward & Martha Harrison
Born March 15, 1885 Died June 25, 1937
Also Gladys Harrison
Aged 9 months
Also Henry Harrison
Who died October 30, 1937 Aged 77 years
Also Nellie
Daughter of the above Henry Harrison
Who died December 5, 1940 Aged 36 years
Also Martha daughter of Edward and Martha Harrison
Who died November 3, 1946 Aged 60 years

In June 2005 there was also an urn in front of the headstone with the inscription “From her friends in the Market Hall in remembrance of Nellie.”

Cemetery Records

The cemetery office records show 13 people buried at this site as follows:

Name Age Date of Burial
Edward Harrison 39 years Not listed
Martha Harrison 39 years 12 November 1894
Alice Harrison 33 years 26 August 1897
Edna Harrison 10 months 12 May 1905
Gladys Harrison 9 months 30 November 1909
Alice Harrison 29 years 20 March 1918
Elizabeth Harrison 52 years 29 June 1937
Henry Harrison 77 years 3 November 1937
Nellie Harrison 36 years 9 December 1940
Martha Harrison 60 years 7 November 1946
Elizabeth Harrison 86 years 1 May 1961
Elizabeth Gwilliam 80 years 29 December 1998
Robert Gwilliam 92 years Date unknown, 2009