This family history website contains a record of the ancestors and descendants of Henry Harold Harrison Senior. Born in 1886, Harold grew up and apprenticed as a joiner in Poolstock, Wigan, where his father was the publican at the Honeysuckle Inn for many years. His known ancestors were, for the most part, Lancashire farmers or working class people who toiled in the coal mines and textile mills of 19th century Lancashire. Harold emigrated to Canada in 1907 and married Agnes Durie in Montreal in 1910. The couple eventually settled in Toronto and had five children, thirteen grandchildren and uncounted great- and great-great-grandchildren.

The information here is based on the memories of family members who knew Harold and his family, as well as genealogical research by several third- and fourth-generation cousins. It is intended for those of Harold and Agnes’ descendants who want to know more about their family origins. It is also, hopefully, for our more distant English cousins who share many of the same ancestors and might benefit from or add to our knowledge.

The People section of this site contains information about members of the Harrison family, including biographical sketches, photographs, census records, and civil registration certificates. In accordance with our Privacy Policy no information on living relatives is posted on this site. The Places section describes many of the regions, towns, neighbourhoods, and houses where family members lived and in some instances where they are buried. The Historical Context section attempts to portray something of the world these family members inhabited and includes links to relevant sites for those who want to know more.

The Henry Harold Harrison Family website is a resource for all family members, near and far. We invite your contributions and welcome your comments, suggestions or additional material. We also invite you to visit the The Agnes Durie Family website.


We would like to express our appreciation to the late Carl Harris and to Frank Manley for their early research on our family’s history, which was the starting point for this project. Sandra Manley and Bev Ferguson have provided some terrific ancestral biographical sketches. John N. Harrison has sent an amazing group of photos of the Joseph Harrison (b.1835) family as well as photos of the children of Edward Harrison and Martha Mason. John also filled in many details on Roland Woods. Thanks also to Dave Swarbrick and Christine Ackers for sharing their research with us. They have provided us with information on nine generations of our Swarbricks, including Henry Harold’s great grandmother Elizabeth Swarbrick and her ancestors, all the way back to her great great great grandfather William. Karen Humprheys has provided marvelous early photos of the Mawdsley and Barton families. Last, but not least, Angie Bland has been an amazing research partner and contributor for the past ten+ years.