The Henry Harold Harrison Family

Henry Harold Harrison’s maternal aunt

Annie Barton (1872–?)
aka Annie Thompson

Edward Barton
Ann Barton
(c. 1840–1913)
Alice Barton
Ellen Barton
Henry Barton
John Barton
Richard Barton
Margaret Barton
Thomas Thompson
(c. 1869–1933)
Ethel Barton
Alice Ann Thompson
Mary Ann McKnight Thompson
James Edward Thompson
Florence Thompson
Annie Thompson


Alice Barton’s sister, Annie was born on St Patrick’s Day in 1872 to Edward Barton and Ann Barton at 25 Douglas Street, Wigan. She was the fifth of their seven children.

Sometime before Annie’s second birthday the Barton family moved to the Corporation Inn, a pub in Poolstock, where her father became the innkeeper. Annie may have worked in the inn as a young girl. By the time of the 1881 census, when Annie was nine, Edward had given up innkeeping and the family had moved to Harrogate Street in the centre of Wigan.

In 1885 Annie’s eldest sister, Alice, married Henry Harrison. On the night of the 1891 census Annie was staying with Henry and Alice at the Honeysuckle Inn. Her sister, Ellen, was also at the inn that night. Annie was 19 years old and was employed as a “General Servant.” It is not clear whether she was working and/or living at the Honeysuckle, or just visiting her sister that evening.

Annie’s parents experienced some sort of marital disruption, probably around 1890. This may have been related to a journey her father took to New York. Her mother, Ann, became a grocer at 90 Warrington Lane to support the family.

In the spring of 1891 Annie became pregnant. In October of that year she became an unwed mother to her first child, Ethel Barton. Three months later, on 15 January 1892, she married Thomas Thompson, a coal miner. We assume that Thomas was Ethel’s father.

Thomas and Annie initially lived with Ann Barton at 90 Warrington Lane. Their second daughter, Alice Ann, was born there in 1893. Eventually Thomas and Annie moved to their own home at 69 Byrom Street in Poolstock. They had four children at that address between 1895 and 1901. Thomas continued to work as a coal miner. At some point Annie’s father, Edward, moved in with them as a boarder.

At the time of the 1901 census Thomas and Annie were living at 69 Byrom Street with their six children. Thomas continued to be employed as a coal miner. Edward Barton, at age 61, estranged from his wife Ann, was living with his daughter’s family as a boarder.

It is likely that Thomas and Annie had several more children after 1901 as Annie was only 29 years old that year. We will have to wait for the publication of the 1911 census to be certain. Annie’s father, Edward, died in the spring of 1904. In November 1912 Annie’s mother, Ann, passed away and Annie, who was with her mother when she died, registered the death. We know from that record that Annie and Thomas were living near Ann at 14 Mason Street, Wigan at the time, a home they would occupy for the rest of their lives.

Annie Barton died at 14 Mason Street in December 1920 at the age of 48. She is buried at Wigan Cemetery. Her husband Thomas outlived her by 13 years. Thomas died at 14 Mason Street in December 1933 at the age of 65 and is buried with his wife.

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