Partial Transcript

NAME AND SURNAME RELATIONSHIP to Head of Family AGE (last Birthday) and SEX PARTICULARS as to MARRIAGE PROFESSION OR OCCUPATION of persons aged ten years and upwards BIRTHPLACE of every person
  Completed yars the present Marriage has lasted Total Children Born Alive Children still Living Children who have Died
Francis Whitfield Head 66 / M Married 15       Fish & Chip potato dealers / worker / at home Lancs Bold
Elizabeth Whitfield Wife 52 / F Married 15 2 2   Assistant & Domestic / at home Lancs Blackrod
Sarah Whitfield Daughter 26 / F Single         Assistant & Domestic / worker / at home Lancs Wigan
Ellen Whitfield Daughter 14 / F           Dressmaker Apprentice / worker Lancs Wigan
Doris Whitfield Daughter 11 / F           School Lancs Wigan

[The 1911 census was taken on the night of 2 April.]