Poolstock, 1851: Description of Enumeration District

Partial Transcript

Description of enumeration district

County & Parliamentary Division of Lancaster
Within the limits of the Parliamentary Boundary
of the City or Borough of
Boro and Township of Wigan
Within the Municipal Boundary of No. 3 Or Queen Street Ward
Superintendent Registrar’s District Wigan Union
Registrar’s District Wigan
No. of Enumeration District 12

Description of enumeration district

All that part of No 3 or Queen Street Ward commencing with the Bridge Inn, the whole of the southerly side of Bridge Street, back and front, beginning at Thomas Leigh’s house and ending with William Heyes’ house. The whole of Burlands Buildings at the bottom of Bridge Street. The whole of Diwing Lane back and front, inclusive of Morris’ Buildings, McNeillie’s houses. The whole of Wood Street, back and front, Burland’s houses, William Heaton’s house and ending with James Pope’s house. The Cottages in Tipping’s Factory yard. The whole of the northerly side of Poolstock. The whole of the new buildings lately raised by the Messrs James and Nathaniel Eckersley consisting of Byrom Street, Pool Street, Baker Street, Institution Street and ending with the Swift’s buildings adjoining the old River Douglas.

[Reference: HO107/2190 folio 664. This document was obtained at the Family Records Centre in London in June 2005. The descriptions of enumeration districts do not appear to be accessible online from ancestry.co.uk.]