Partial Transcript


S.S. SCANDINAVIAN Port & Date Liverpool  21/2/20


1 NAME Woods, Roland
2 Age 23 Male Single Occupation Student (Training)
3 Birthplace Wigan Race or People English
4 Citizenship British
5 Religion Church of England
6 Object in coming to Canada Settlement
7a Ever lived in Canada Yes Address 17 Jogues North, St. Emard, Montreal
7b Port of previous entry Montreal Date 7/5/14
7c Port of Departure Montreal Date 9/8/14
8 Why left Canada For education and enlistment
9 Money in possession belonging to immigrant $30
10 Able to read? Yes Can you write? Yes
11 What language? English & French
12 By whom was passage paid? Government (repatriation)
13 Intend to remain permanently in Canada Yes
14 If admission refused, cause of rejection Not refused
15 Destined to relative Father & Mother
321 Hibernia Road, Point-St-Charles
16 Name of railway on which passenger has order or ticket CPR (militia warrant)
17 Nearest relative in country from which passenger came
                              Relationship Uncle
                              Name Rev. J.H. Woods
                              Address in Full St Mary’s Vicarage, South Shields
18 If ever in insane asylum state where … No
19 Ever had tuberculosis or epilepsy? No
20 Physical defective No
Signature of passenger R.Woods Date 12/2/20