Partial Transcript

Registration District: Wigan
1878. BIRTH in the district of Wigan in the County of Lancaster

When and where bornTwenty fifth November 1878
Vine Inn, Caroline Street
Name, if anyTryphena
Name and suraname of fatherEvan Mawdesley
Name, surname and maiden name of motherJanet Mawdesley
formerly Hart
Occupation of fatherInnkeeper
Signature, description and residence of informantEvan Mawdsley, Father
Vine Inn, Caroline Street, Wigan
When registeredFifth December 1878
Signature of registrarRobert Halliwell
Name entered after registration[none]

[Certified copy obtained from the General Register Office on 7 March 2007]

Research Notes

This family surname is spelled both Mawdsley and Mawdesley in civil registration documents. However the most frequent spelling for Evan’s family is Mawdsley. It appears that the registrar erred on this document.