Partial Transcript

I certify that I solemnized the marriage of:-
Bridegroom John Moore Brewis
Bride Mary Gertrude Pedden
Witness A. J. Nelson
Address Hamilton
Witness Harry T. Nelson
Address Hamilton
County of Wentworth
Date 3rd day of June 1935
Name of Bridegroom’s Father John Moore ——-
Name of Bridegroom’s Mother Mary Tidey
Name of Bride’s Father Wm James Pedden
Name of Bride’s Mother Hattie Lackie
Signature of Person Solemnizing Rev. S. B. Nelson
Address Hamilton
Denomination Presbyterian
Birthplace of Bridegroom’s Father Carlisle, England
Birthplace of Bride’s Father Arkona, Ontario
Can Bridegroom Read/Write Yes/Yes
Can Bride Read/Write Yes/Yes

I John Moor Brewis of the City of Toronto in the County of York of the Province of Ontario, Broker, make oath and say as follows:

That, for the space of fifteen days immediately preceding the date of this affidavit I, John Moore Brewis has had his usual place of abode within the Province of Ontario

That I believe there is no affinity, consanguinity, prior marriage or other lawful cause or legal impediment to bar or hinder the solemnization of the marriage, and

That the contents set forth herein are to the best of our knowledge, information and belief true in every particular.

Bridegroom Bride
NAMES in full John Moor Brewis Mable Jane Puffer
OCCUPATION Broker at home
AGE Thirty-Five Years Twenty-Seven Years
CONDITION IN LIFE Divorcee Divorcee
RESIDENCE when MARRIED 38 Burnaby Blvd, Toronto 2001 Bloor Street, Toronto
PLACE of BIRTH Newcastle-On-Tyne Arkona, Ontario
INTENDED PLACE OF MARRIAGE City of Hamilton in the County of Wentworth

Sworn before me in the City of Toronto in the County of York in the Province of Ontario

this 28th day of May, 1935