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[The following two entries appear on the same page of the census for two adjacent properties.]

Township of Haigh

Name of Street, Place, or Road, and Name or No. of House Name and Surname of each Person who abode in the house, on the Night of the 30th March, 1851 Relation to Head of Family Condition Age of Rank, Profession, or Occupation Where Born
Males Females
Heywoods, Arley Lane Henry Ball Head Married 71   Farmer 56 acres 2 Labourers Lancashire, Upholland
Betty Ball Wife Married   71   Lancashire, Ormskirk
Ellen Ball Granddaughter Unmarried   18 House Servant Lancashire, Haigh
Hannah Ball Granddaughter     13 House Servant Lancashire, Haigh
Peter Ball Grandson   13   Agricultural Labourer Lancashire, Haigh
Henry Ball Grandson   6   Scholar Lancashire, Haigh
Mary Hilton Visitor Unmarried   15 Farmer’s daughter Lancashire, Shevington
Arrowsmith, Arley Lane John Jones Head Married 28   Agricultural Labourer Lancashire, Blackrod
Elizabeth Jones Wife Married   36   Lancashire, Standish
George Jones Son   4   Scholar Lancashire, Haigh
Mary Jones Daughter     2 at Home Lancashire, Haigh
Elizabeth Jones Daughter     1 month   Lancashire, Haigh
Arrowsmith, Arley Lane Daniel Ball Head Married 37   Shoemaker (2 Apprentices) Lancashire, Standish
Ann Ball Wife Married   41   Lancashire, Wigan
Elizabeth Ball Daughter     9 at Home Lancashire, Haigh
Edward Ball Son   6   Scholar Lancashire, Haigh
Daniel Ball Son   2   at Home Lancashire, Haigh
Ann Ball Daughter     7 months   Lancashire, Haigh
Samuel Miller Apprentice Unmarried 18   Shoemaker (Apprentice) Lancashire, [illegible]
Joseph Harrison Apprentice Unmarried 16   Shoemaker (Apprentice) Lancashire, Adlington

[Microfilm reference number H0170/2198. The 1851 census was taken on the night of March 30]

Research Notes

Elizabeth Jones was the daughter of Henry Ball and the sister of Daniel Ball