Grandfather Henry Harrison had one brother and 5 sisters



Jemima who married Joe Wood and had one son Roland. They ended up in Canada



Edward who married Martha. They had 2 sons and 3 daughters – Patty and Bessie and Nellie. None of the daughters got married and Nellie finished her life in a convent as Sister Ellen. Joe the elder son married Nellie, and they had 2 children Edward and Doris who both married. Married name not known. Jack the younger son had two sons names not known.



Elizabeth who married Frank Whitfield. Two children, Nellie and Doris. Doris had 2 children Francis and Sarah Derbyshire.



Nellie who married Henry Dickenson. They had no children and she died in a mental home.



Margaret who never got married but she brought Uncle Edward’s children up. Uncle Edward died in his 30s, he was bitten with a mad dog, and died with Rabies. His wife died 3 months previous with Cancer.



Alice married John Booth. They had 2 daughters, Nellie and Gertrude. Nellie married name not known but Gertrude married Rex Hargraves. They had 2 sons, John & Tim.






Research Notes

Circa 1970 Margaret Harrison Wright (b.1902) visited Canada to attend the 60th wedding anniversary of Henry Harold and Agnes Harrison. She included this note in a letter shortly thereafter, probably to one of her Canadian nieces or nephews who enquired about forebears. The letter sets out what “Aunt Maggie” knew of the brothers and sisters of her father, Henry Harrison b.1860, and their families.

The note contains several omissions and inaccuracies.