Partial Transcript

Registration District: Wigan
1883. BIRTH in the Sub-district of Pemberton in the County of Lancaster

When and where bornThird December 1882
Elm Farm, Little Lane, Pemberton
Name, if anyRobert Wright
Name and suraname of fatherJames Harrison
Name, surname and maiden name of motherAnnie Harrison
formerly Strathearn
Occupation of fatherFarmer
Signature, description and residence of informantAnnie Harrison, Mother
Elm Farm, Little Lane, Pemberton
When registeredTwelfth January 1883
Signature of registrarJeffery Baynes
Name entered after registration[none]

[Certified copy obtained at the Family Records Centre in London on 13 March 2007]

Research Notes

As James and Annie had a predisposition to give their children middle names corresponding to the surnames of parents/grandparents it is possible that Robert’s maternal grandmother had the maiden name Wright. This is speculation as we have not traced Annie Strathearn’s family.