Partial Transcript

Registration District: Ince
1940. Death in the Sub-district of Orrell in the County of Lancaster

When and where diedFifth December 1940
154 Upholland Road
Billinge and Winstanley UD
Name and surnameNellie Harrison
Age36 years
Occupationof 134 Poolstock Wigan U.D.
Butcher’s Assistant
Daughter of Henry Harrison (deceased)
Colliery Engine Winder
Cause of death1a) Chronic Rheumatic Endocarditis
Certified by N Watkinson
Signature, description and residence of informantMargaret Wright
in attendance
30 Coppull Moor Lane, Coppull
When registeredSixth December 1940
Signature of registrarPhyllis Chisnall
Deputy Registrar

[Certified copy obtained at the Family Records Centre in London on 13 June 2005]