Partial Transcript

Registration District: Chorley
1851. BIRTH in the Sub-district of Rivington in the County of Lancaster

When and where bornTwentieth December 1850
Name, if anyMusella
Name and suraname of fatherJohn Harrison
Name, surname and maiden name of motherElizabeth Harrison
formerly Ormandy
Occupation of fatherInnkeeper
Signature, description and residence of informantElizabeth Harrison, mother
When registeredNinth January 1851
Signature of registrarJ. Jackson
Name entered after registration[none]

[Certified copy obtained from the General Register Office on 13 March 2007]

Research Notes

Although the name is spelled here as Musella, most documents record her name as Mozella. The name is unusual and it may be that Elizabeth Harrison was illiterate or partially literate.