Partial Transcript

Registration District: Ince
1943. Death in the Sub-district of Orrell in the County of Lancaster

When and where diedFifth January 1943
154 Upholland Road
Billinge and Winstanley UD
Name and surnameMargaret Harrison
Age67 years
Occupationof 42 Kenyon Road, Wigan UD
Spinster, daughter of Joseph Harrison
Engine attendant (Pumping Station) (deceased)
Cause of death1a. General Thrombosis
Certified by DM Mather, MD
Signature, description and residence of informantJohn Harrison, Nephew
149 Barnsley Street, Wigan
When registeredSixth January 1943
Signature of registrarJoseph Bootle

[Certified copy obtained from the General Register Office, 12 April 2007]