Partial Transcript

Tourist Third Cabin – Returning residents
SS Laurentic sailing from Liverpool
16th of May, 1930
Arriving at Quebec

Family Name, Given Name
(Tourist Third Cabin)
Relationship Age Marital Status Country and Place of Birth Nationality Race or People If In Canada Before Ever Refused Entry To or Deported From Canada? Do You Intend To Reside Permanently In Canada? Destination
If Destined to Relative, Friend or Employer State Which and Give Name and Full Address. If Not Joining Any Person in Canada, Give the Address in Canada to Which You Are Going.
Number, Place and Date of Issue
Money in Possession Belonging to Passenger Travelling Inland On Action Taken and Civil Examiner
M F Between What Periods At What Address
Woods Jemima Mother   64 W England Wigan Canada English 1914 – Septr. 29 1929 Cote St. Paul
43 Wicksteed Ave.
Mt. Royal
No Yes Son – Roland Woods, 43 Wicksteed Ave
Town of Mt. Royal
10067 Ottawa 25/1/22 $40 CNR Admitted
Returned Canadians