A Former Poolstock Licensee

The funeral took place on Wednesday last week of Mr. Henry Harrison of 88, Poolstock, Wigan, formerly Licensee of Honeysuckle Inn, who died the previous Sunday at the age of seventy-seven. He had been ill for a considerable time.

The interment at the Wigan Cemetery was preceded by a service at St. James Church, Poolstock. Rev T. Foote officiated. The hymns sung were “Let saints on earth in concert sing” and “Abide with me.” Miss Best was the organist.

The mourners were Mrs. Harrison, Miss Nellie Harrison, Miss Annie Harrison, Mr. Thomas Harrison, Mr. Howard Harrison, Miss Bessie Harrison, Mr. and Mrs. Wright, Margaret and Frank, Mr. Alfred Goxhead, Miss T. Bolton, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Dickson, Mrs. Booth, Miss Margaret Harrison, Mr. Wm. Donohue, Mr. J. Smith, Mr. and Mrs. J. Donohue, Mrs. J. Moss, Mr. J. Harrison, Mrs. H. Barton, Mrs. Hilton, Mr. and Mrs. Gregory, Mrs. Halliday.

Floral tributes were sent by Mrs. Harrison and family; Harold and Wife and family; sisters Elizabeth and Nellie; Aunty Mama; Nellie, Alice, Margaret and Patty; Mr. and Mrs. Coates and Sidney, Mrs. S. Donohue, Uncle Jack and family; Patty, Nellie, Joe, Margaret and Jack; all at 88A and 90 Poolstock. Miss Margaret Hall, Mr. and Mrs. H. Barton. Grandchildren; Frank and Margaret, Mrs. and Miss Donohue; Mr. and Mrs. Tom Donohue and Margaret; Mr. and Mrs. James Moss and family; Mr. and Mrs. E. Taylor, Mrs. Allibourne, Mr. and Mrs. J. Donohue; Mr. Goxhead; Mr. and Mrs. Atkinson and family.

The funeral arrangements were carried out by Mr. R. G. Dawson.

Research Notes

The above is based on a transcript of the article that was attached to a clipping in the files of Douglas Harrison. Whoever transcribed the article made numerous changes, some clearly intentional edits and others perhaps not. Douglas Harrison wrote on the article “My Grandfather. I never met him.” The family has a photocopy of the newspaper clipping and transcription. Large sections of the newspaper clipping are not legible, however the clipping contains a photo of Henry Harrison. The following is speculation on who some of the people named in the article might be.
Mrs. Harrison Elizabeth Donahue, Henry’s second wife
Nellie Harrison Henry’s daughter (1904–1940)
Annie Harrison Henry’s daughter (1910–?)
Thomas Harrison Henry’s son (1912–?)
Bessie Harrison Henry’s daughter Elizabeth (1918–1998)
Frank Wright Henry’s grandson, son of Margaret
Margaret Wright Henry’s daughter, née Harrison (1902–?)
Alfred Coxhead Future husband of Henry’s daughter Annie (1910–?)
Miss T. Bolton Theresa Bolton, future wife of Henry’s son Thomas
Margaret Harrison Henry’s sister (1875–1943)
Wm Donahue Henry’s brother-in-law, Elizabeth Donahue’s older brother
J. Donahue One of Henry’s brothers-in-law – James, John, or Joseph
H. Barton Henry’s brother-in-law, Alice Barton’s younger brother Henry
Floral Tributes
Harold and Wife Henry Harold Harrison and his wife Agnes, from Canada
Sister Elizabeth Henry’s sister Elizabeth Whitfield, née Harrison
Sister Nellie Probably Henry’s sister Nellie Harrison