Partial Transcript


Registration district: West Lancashire
Sub-district: West Lancashire
Administrative area: County of Lancashire
Date and place of death: Eleventh December 1998
District General Hospital, Ormskirk
Name and surname: Elizabeth Gwilliam
Sex: Female
Maiden surname of woman who has married: Harrison
Date and place of birth: Fifteenth March 1918
Occupation and usual address: Wife of [information removed]
Name and surname of informant: [Information removed]
Qualification: Daughter-in-law
Usual address: [Information removed]
Cause of death: I(a) Cerebral Infarction
(b) Bronchopneumonia
II Chronic Renal Failure
Certified by John C. Hayes M.B. ChB.
I certify that the particulars given by me above are true to the best of my knowledge and belief: [Information removed] Signature of informant
Date of registration: Eleventh December 1998
Signature of Registrar: John Anthony Leigh, Deputy Registrar

Note: Bessie Gwilliam, born Elizabeth Harrison.

[Obtained from the General Resister Office in Wigan on 13 June 2005.]