Partial Transcript

Registration District: Wigan
1918. Death in the Sub-district of Wigan East in the Counties of Lancaster and Wigan CB

When and where diedSixteenth March 1918
130 Barnsley Street UD
Name and surnameAlice Harrison
Age29 years
OccupationSpinster, Munition worker
Daughter of Edward Harrison, Colliery Engine Winder
Cause of death1. Endocarditis
2. Moist Gangrene (Legs)
Certified by JM Angiol
Signature, description and residence of informantMargaret Harrison, Aunt
present at the death
130 Barnsley Street, Wigan
When registeredEighteenth March 1918
Signature of registrarRobert Halliwell

[Certified copy obtained from the General Register Office, 7 June 2005]