Headstone Inscription

In Affectionate Remembrance of
Who died Dec 31, 1879
Aged 66 Years
Wife of the Above
Who died January 23, 1884
Aged 73 Years
Son of the Above
Who died February 9 1890
Aged 41 Years
Daughter of the Above
Who died July 30th 1924
Aged 82 Years

Who Are These People?

Daniel Ball the elder was the son of Henry and Betty Ball, and Ellen Ball’s uncle. Ann Yates was his wife. Joseph Harrison, the grandfather of Henry Harold Harrison Sr., was apprenticed to Daniel Ball, a shoemaker. Joseph lived with Daniel and his family during his apprenticeship. It was there that Joseph met his future wife, Ellen Ball. Son Daniel Ball was an invalid who lived with his parents until they died. He was moved to a “workhouse” or type of infirmary for the poor. He died of sclerosis of the spinal cord. Elizabeth was the first child of Daniel and Ann. She was living with her father when he died in 1890. We have not traced her thereafter.

Location of the Grave

The grave is behind the parish office building. It is in the fifth row alongside a path running towards the east. (see map). The coordinates are N 53° 35′ 12.6″, W 2° 39′ 36.4″.