Partial Transcript

Registration District Wigan

1934 Death in the Sub-district of Wigan Central in the County of Wigan C.B.

When and where died 13-Oct-34
1 Sharp Street,
Name and surname Henry Harrison
Sex Male
Age 80 years
Occupation Iron Moulder
Cause of Death Senile Decay
No P.P.
Certified by A. Franklin, M.B.
Signature, description and residence of informant Alice M. Dowell, Daughter
Present at the death
1 Sharp Street, Wigan
When registered Thirteenth October 1984
Signature of registrar S. Turner

Research Notes

This death certificate has a double match to Henry Harrison (b.1853), the youngest son of John Harrison and Elizabeth Ormandy: 1) the age at time of death (corresponds exactly); 2) the occupation. However Henry did not have a daughter Alice. His daughters’ names were Jane, Elizabeth, Ellen and Mary.

The fact that a daughter named Alice casts some doubt on whether this Henry was, in fact, our ancestor. If he was, the Registrar made an error either in the name or relationship of the informant.