Partial Transcript

Township of Skelmersdale

Name of Street, Place, or Road, and Name or No. of House Name and Surname of each Person who abode in the house, on the Night of the 30th March, 1851 Relation to Head of Family Condition Age of Rank, Profession, or Occupation Where Born
Males Females
Grimshaw John Barton Head Widower 77   Delf-Master Lancashire, Upholland
John Barton Grandson Unmarried 36   Blacksmith Lancashire, Upholland
Edward Barton Grandson Unmarried 28     Lancashire, Upholland
John Barton Grandson   7   Scholar Lancashire, Skelmersdale
Thomas Aspinwall Grandson Unmarried 18   Blacksmith Lancashire, Upholland
Ann Aspinwall Granddaughter Unmarried   16 Housekeeper Lancashire, Upholland

[Microfilm reference number HO107/2197 page 26. The 1851 census was taken on the night of March 30]