Partial Transcript

Township of Skelmersdale

PLACE HOUSES NAMES of each Person who abode therein the preceding Night. AGE and SEX PROFESSION, TRADE, EMPLOYMENT, or of INDEPENDENT MEANS. Where Born
Uninhabited or Building Inhabited Males Females Whether Born in same County Whether Born in Scotland, Ireland, or Foreign Parts.
Grimshaw   1 John Barton 65   Delf Master y.  
    Ellen Barton   25   y.  
    John Barton 20   Blacksmith Ap. y.  
    Edward Barton 15   Blacksmith Ap. y.  
    Ann Gerrard   15   y.  
    Thomas Barton 5     y.  
    Ann Barton   1   y.  

[Microfilm reference number number HO107/515/11. The 1841 census was taken on the night of 6 June.]

Research Notes

Baby Ann Barton listed here is believed to be the mother of Alice Barton. Her name, age and place of birth all match. In addition their home is very close to Sephton Hall where Henry Mawdsley was living in 1841 with his father Evan.