Partial Transcript


PLACE HOUSES NAMES of each Person who abode therein the preceding Night. AGE and SEX PROFESSION, TRADE, EMPLOYMENT, or of INDEPENDENT MEANS. Where Born
Uninhabited or Building Inhabited Males Females Whether Born in same County Whether Born in Scotland, Ireland, or Foreign Parts.
Crosses   1 Henry Barton 25   Farmer y.  
    Elizabeth Barton   20   y.  
    Richard Barton 3     y.  
    Edward Barton 2     y.  
    Elizabeth Barton   4 months   y.  
    Henry [illegible] 30   MS* y.  
    Jane Mally   20 FY [?] y.  

[Microfilm reference number not recorded. The 1841 census was taken on the night of June 6. Photocopy of the original mirofiche obtained at the Family Records Centre in London in June 2005.]

*MS is probably an abbreviation of manservant.

Research Notes

The Edward Barton enumerated here is a four point match to the father of Alice Barton. He has the same name; he is the right age; he was born in Broughton (per the 1851 census); and his father’s name is Henry which matches his marriage certificate. Further indirect evidence is that in later years one Richard Barton was also living in Wigan and employed as an Iron Moulder.