Partial Transcript

Registration District: Wigan
1842. Death in the Sub-district of Aspull in the County of Lancaster

When and where diedTwenty first of December 1842
Name and surnameHenry Ball
Age5 years
OccupationSon of James Ball
Cause of deathBurning
Signature, description and residence of informantW Heyes, Coroner
When registeredTwenty third of December 1842
Signature of registrarJos. Bailey, Registrar

[Certified copy obtained on 20 February 2007]

Research Notes

Because the Coroner signed the death certificate it seems likely that there was an inquest that may be in the archives. However it seems strange that the Coroner was from Prescot which is about 20 miles SW of Wigan whereas Haigh is NE of Wigan.