Partial Transcript

Baptisms at Wigan Church, in the Year 1811

Infant’s Name and Seniority.Father’s Name, Abode, and Profession.Mother’s Name and Descent.Born.Baptised.
Henry, fifth son ofHenry Ball of Standish, FarmerBetty his Wife, Daughter of John & Ellen Ormishaw13th of June28th of June

[Copy of the Baptismal Register for Wigan All Saints. Obtained at the Taylor Gallery, Family History Shop, Wigan in February 2007. Microfilm Reference MF 1A 6/3]

Research Notes

The only other record we currently have for Henry is the 1841 census, in which he is listed as age 25. This is a five-year discrepancy and may indicate that a first Henry died and that another son, born five years later, was named Henry. However a search of the baptismal records has only turned up one Henry; therefore it is assumed that no record was kept of his age as an adult.

Although this baptismal record indicates that Henry was a fifth son, we only know of three older brothers. The baptismal record for Daniel, born two years later, also lists Daniel as a fifth son. It is possible that Henry was actually the fourth son, or that a son died between 1811 and 1813.