Partial Transcript

Baptisms solemnized in the Parish of Wigan
in the County of Lancaster in the year 1813

When Baptised. Child’s Christian Name. Parent’s Name. Abode. Quality, Trade, or Profession. By whom the Ceremony was performed.
Christian. Surname.
1815 30 June Elizabeth
3 [third] daughter
Henry & Elizabeth Ball Shevington Farmer Edward Mile 15 June

[Copy of the Baptismal Register for Wigan All Saints. Obtained at the Taylor Gallery, Family History Shop, Wigan in February 2007. Microfilm Reference MF 1A 6/3]

Research Notes

The margin note “15 June” probably means Elizabeth was born on June 15th. Although she is listed as the third daughter we have no record of any older sisters. The birth year 1815 differs significantly from later records of Elizabeth’age. Also the birth location Shevington is different from most other members of the Ball family and different from later census records that indicate she was from Haigh. Taken together these add up to some doubt as to whether we are looking at the same family.