Partial Transcript

Township of Haigh
Parish of Wigan

PLACE HOUSES NAMES of each Person who abode therein the preceding Night. AGE and SEX PROFESSION, TRADE, EMPLOYMENT, or of INDEPENDENT MEANS. Where Born
Uninhabited or Building Inhabited Males Females Whether Born in same County Whether Born in Scotland, Ireland, or Foreign Parts.
Heywood Farm   1 Henry Ball 60   Farmer y.  
    Elizabeth Ball   60   y.  
    Henry Ball 25   Agricultural Labourer y.  
    Betty Ball   20   y.  
    Mary Ball   20   y.  
    Peter Ball 3     y.  
    Hannah Ball   3   y.  
    Thomas Hope 15   Agricultural Labourer y.  
    Harry Hope 14   Agricultural Labourer y.  
    Peter Spencer 25   Agricultural Labourer y.  
    Mary Spencer   20   y.  
    James Spencer 9 months     y.  
Arrowsmith Farm   1 Daniel Ball 25   Shoem[aker] y.  
    Ann Ball   25   y.  
Arrowsmith Farm   1 James Ball 30   Agricultural Labourer y.  
    Maria Ball   30   y.  
    Lucy Ball   8   y.  
    Henry Ball 3     y.  
    George Tipping 20   Shoem[aker] J. y.  

[Microfilm reference number HO107/522/7. The 1841 census was taken on the night of June 6]

Research Notes

We know from the 1861 census that James, Lucy, and Henry Ball had moved in with Henry and Betty following the death of Maria, and this match identifies James as the son of Henry and Betty. It seems almost certain that Daniel Ball was also the son of Henry and Betty although we have no evidence of this other than the fact that he lived next door and was of the right age. Additional research might help. Note that James and Maria’s son is 3 years old here and 7 years old in the 1851 census, suggesting that the first Henry died and the couple named their next son Henry.