Partial Transcript

Province; Quebec   District No. 196   Enumeration Sub-District No. 37   in Montreal  Enumerated June 14.

Name of each person in the family, household or institution Place of Abode Tenure and Class of Home Personal Description Nativity Citizenship Race, Language and Religion Education Profession, Occupation and Employment
Section or Township Municipality Home owned or rented If rented give rent paid per month Class of Houses Materials of Construction Rooms occupied by this family Relationship to head of family or household Sex [Marital Status] Age at last Birthday Person Father Mother Year of immigration to Canada Year of Naturalization Nationality Racial or tribal origin Can speak English (Y/N) Can speak French (Y/N) Language other than English or French spoken as Mother tongue Religious body, Denomination, or Community… Can read Can write Months at school since Sept 1, 1920 Chief occupation or trade Employee, Worker, or Worker…on own account If Employer, state principal product; If Employee, state where employed Total earnings, past twelve months If employee, were you out of work June 1st, 1921 Number of weeks unemployed in the past twelve months Number of weeks unemployed in the past 12 months due to illness
Woods, Mrs. J. 321 Hibernia St. R 20 S B 4 Head F W 55 England England England 1916 Canada English Y N Ch of Eng Yes Yes Storekeeper OA Candy
Woods, Roland Son M S 24 England England England 1920 Canada English Y Y Ch of Eng Yes Yes Actuary W Insurance 1000 0
Hart, Mildred Boarder F S 24 England England England 1921 Canada English Y N Ch of Eng Yes Yes