Partial Transcript

NAME AND SURNAME RELATIONSHIP to Head of Family AGE               (Last Birthday) and SEX PARTICULARS as to MARRIAGE. PROFESSION or OCCUPATION                                         of Persons aged ten years and upwards. BIRTHPLACE of every Person. NATIONALITY          of every Person born in a Foreign Country. INFIRMITY.
Age of Males Age of Females (Marital Status) State, for each Married Woman…on this Schedule, the number of:- Personal Occupation. Industry or Service with which worker is connected. Whether Employer, Worker or Working on Own Account. Whether Working at Home.
Completed years the present marriage has lasted. Children born alive to present Marriage.
Total Children Born Alive. Children still Living. Children who have Died.
Joseph Harrison Head 28 Married Plumber Corporation Water Works Worker Lower Ince British
Sarah Ellen Harrison Wife 27 Married 9 3 2 1 Wigan British
Doris Belshaw Harrison Daughter 8 Wigan British
Joseph Edward Harrison Son 4 mos Wigan British


Number of Rooms in this Dwelling: 5

Signature:  Sarah Ellen Harrison for Joseph Harrison

Postal Address: 19 Chatham Street