Upholland is an area of Wigan located about 4km west of Wigan town centre, halfway to Skelmersdale.

We can trace our ancestry in Upholland back to the 17th century. Five generations of Balls came from Upholland alternately named Edward–Henry–Edward–Henry–Edward. They were all farmers working the land on the outskirts of Wigan and doubtless selling their produce in Wigan marketplace. Elizabeth Ormishaw, wife of Henry (b. 1779) was also from Upholland although we have not yet been able to trace her origins. The eldest children of Henry and Elizabeth were also born and baptized in Upholland, although they grew up and eventually settled in Standish, some 6km to the northeast.

The many generations of Balls were members of the parish of St. Thomas the Martyr Anglican church in Upholland; many were baptized at the church. We have not yet looked for burial sites in St. Thomas churchyard but there are certainly family members buried there. In addition to the Ball family we believe the Ellen Barton side of the family may have originated in Upholland; further research is needed on the background of Ellen’s grandfather, John Barton.

Today, Upholland is a west-Wigan neighbourhood along the A557 road to Skelmersdale, essentially indistinguishable from the rest urban Wigan.

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