The Henry Harold Harrison Family

Approximate coordinates: N53°32.250' W2°38.240'

Walmer Street, Poolstock, Wigan

Walmer Street ran south off Corporation Street one block east of Pool Street. Henry Harold was thus born less than two blocks from the Honeysuckle. Walmer Street, along with many of the original Poolstock streets, disappeared sometime in the 20th century when Poolstock was redeveloped.

20 Walmer Street

This was probably the first home of Henry Harrison and Alice Barton following their marriage in June 1885. Their son, Henry Harold Harrison Sr, was born at this address in May 1886. The family likely moved from here to the Honeysuckle Inn when Henry became the proprietor circa 1889 or 1890.

33 Walmer Street

This was the home of Francis Whitfield at the time of the death of his first wife, Ann Martin, in 1878. It was also his home at the time of his marriage to his second wife, Ellen Talbot, in 1879.