The Henry Harold Harrison Family

Approximate coordinates: N53°32.167' W2°38.352'

30 Tipping Street, Poolstock, Wigan

30 Tipping Street was the home of Henry Harrison and Elizabeth Donahue in 1909 and 1910. They moved to this address sometime after son Joseph was born in July 1906. Their daughter, Gladys Harrison, was born at 30 Tipping Street in April 1909 and died there in November 1909. Annie Harrison was also born at 30 Tipping Street in October 1910. By the time son Thomas was born in 1912 the family had moved to Byrom Street.

Tipping Street is one block west of Pool Street running north off Poolstock. Tipping Street survived the redevelopment of the Poolstock neighbourhood, although the original houses did not; the house that the Harrison family occupied in the early 20th century is no longer there.