The Henry Harold Harrison Family

Approximate coordinates: N53°32.272' W2°38.143'

Corporation Street, Poolstock, Wigan

32 Corporation Street was the home of Edward Harrison (b. 1855), Martha Mason (b. 1855), and their children from circa 1884 until the early 1890s when they moved to Boar’s Head. Their daughter Elizabeth was born in this house in March 1885 and daughter Martha in March 1886. The 1891 census shows Edward and Martha living there with children Ellen (b. 1879), Joseph (b. 1881), John (b. 1883), Elizabeth, Martha, and Alice (b. 1888), plus Martha’s sister Elizabeth Mason.

Francis Whitfield was living at 10 Corporation Street when he married Elizabeth Harrison (b. 1858) in April 1895. This became the couple’s home for the next several years.

1894 mapCorporation Street runs along the south bank of the River Douglas in Poolstock. The Honeysuckle Inn is at the corner of Pool Street and Corporation Street. Edward and his family were therefore neighbours when Edward’s brother Henry Harrison (b. 1860) became the proprietor of the Honeysuckle in the late 1880s. Although Corporation Street is still there, the 19th century residences have long since been redeveloped.