Partial Transcript

Registration District: Bolton
1855. BIRTH in the Sub-district of Little Bolton in the County of Lancaster

When and where bornFourth March 1855
30 Well Street
Name, if anyMartha
Name and suraname of fatherJohn Mason
Name, surname and maiden name of motherBetsy Mason
formerly Murphy
Occupation of fatherCordwainer
Signature, description and residence of informantJohn Mason
30 Well Street, Little Bolton
When registeredTwelfth March 1855
Signature of registrarThomas Dawslow
Name entered after registration[none]

[Certified copy obtained at the Family Records Centre in London on 2 August 2007]

Research Notes

This birth certificate is a four-point match to the future wife of Edward Harrison (b. 1855). In addition to having the correct name, this Martha was born in the same year and the same town as Edward’s wife and had a father of the same name and occupation.