Partial Transcript

Statement of Death

  1. Place of death
    • Borough of: Scarborough
    • Street address: Providence Villa
    • County or territorial district of: Metro Toronto
  2. Date of death: November 12 1973
  3. Length deceased resided:
    1. In municipality or place where death ocurred: 62 Yrs
    2. In Ontario: 66 Yrs
    3. in Canada, if immigrant: 66 Yrs
  4. Print name of deceased in full: Harrison, Henry Harold
  5. Permanent residence of deceased:
    • City, town, village or township of: Toronto
    • Street address: 40 Scarborough Beach Blvd.
    • Province or state: Ontario
    • Country: Canada
  6. Sex: Male
  7. Citizenship: Canadian
  8. Province, state, or country of birth: England
  9. Date of birth: May 18, 1886
  10. Age: 87 Years
  11. Trade, profession, or kind of work: Carpenter
    1. Date deceased last worked at this occupation: 1956
    2. Total number of years deceased was engaged in this occupation: 55
    1. State whether deceased was single, married, widowed or divorced: Widower
    2. If deceased was married, widowed or divorced state name of husband or maiden name of wife: Durie, Agnes
  12. Print name of father: Harrison, Henry Harold
  13. Print maiden name of mother: Unknown
  14. Birthplace of father: England
  15. Birthplace of mother: England
  16. The proposed date of burial, cremation or other disposition or removal of the body is Nov 14 1973
  17. The proposed place of Cremation is Toronto

Research Notes

This document confirms that Henry Harold (Hank) Harrison Jr. believed the family myth that his father was named after his grandfather. Interestingly he did not know the surname or given name of his grandmother.