Headstone Inscription

In Memory
Of Henry the Son of
James & Maria Ball who
was interred Dec: 23rd
1842 aged 5 years
Also Elizabeth Fogg
Grandmother of the
Above was interred Oct 28
1844 aged 77 years
Also of the above Maria
Ball who was interred
May 15th 1853 Aged 42

Who Are These People?

James was the third son of Henry and Betty Ball, and Ellen Ball’s uncle. Maria Ball (née Fogg) (also known as Hannah Maria) was James’ wife. Ellen no doubt knew James and Maria quite well because they farmed near Heywoods when Ellen was living there. Elizabeth was Maria’s mother. Henry Ball was the first son of James and Maria. According to his death certificate little Henry died of “burning.”

Location of the Grave

The grave is beside the church on the south side towards the back (see map). The coordinates are N 53° 35′ 13.4″, W 2° 39′ 39.5″.