Partial Transcript

Seventh Census of Canada, 1931

Province: Ontario     Electoral District: South York 171     Enumeration Sub-district  No. 29    in the Municipality of East York    Enumerator Robert Cleland

NAME of each person in the family, household or institution. PLACE OF ABODE Home owned or rented. If owned give value. If rented, give rent paid per month. Class of house. Materials of construction. Rooms occupied by this family. Has this family a radio? Relationship to head of family or household. Sex. Single, married, widowed, divorced. Age at last birthday. …If born in Canada give province. If foreign give Country. Year of immigration to Canada. Year of Naturalization. NATIONALITY.      (Country to which this person owes allegiance.) Racial origin. Can speak English. Can speak French. Languages other than English or French spoken as mother tongue. Religious body, Denomination or Community to which this person adheres or belongs. OCCUPATION.                         Trade, profession or particular kind of work, as carpenter, weaver, sawyer, merchant, farmer, salesperson, teacher, etc. INDUSTRY.                            Industry or business in which engaged or employed as cotton mill, brass foundry, grocery, coal mine, dairy, farm, public school, business college, etc. Class of worker. Total earnings in the past twelve months (since June 1st, 1930). If an employee, were you at works Monday, June 1st, 1931. If NO, why were you not at work on Monday, June 1, 1931 (for example no job, sick, accident…etc.) Total number of weeks unemployed from any cause in the last 12 months. Of the total number of weeksreported out of work…how many were due to –
(In rural localities give parish or township. In cities, towns and villages give street and number of dwelling.) PERSON. FATHER. MOTHER. Can read and write. Months at school since Sept 1, 1930. No job Illness Accident Strike or Lock-out Temporary Lay-off Other Cause.
Harrison Henry 113 Gledhill Ave O $4,500 S BV* 6 Yes Head M M 45 England England England 1905 Canadian English Yes No Anglican Yes Carpenter Houses W** 1700 Yes 12 12
                Agnes Wife F M 45 Scotland Scotland Scotland 1905 Canadian Scotch Yes No Anglican Yes Home Maker
                Henry Son M S 19 Ont England Scotland Canadian English Yes No Anglican Yes Plumbers app Houses W** 800 No No job 20 20
                John Son M S 18 Ont England Scotland Canadian English Yes No Anglican Yes Shipper Electric Factory W** 620 Yes
                Gordon Son M S 16 Ont England Scotland Canadian English Yes No Anglican Yes Clerk Baggage Transfer W** 500 Yes
                Douglas Son M S 11 Ont England Scotland Canadian English Yes No Anglican Yes 9 Student
                Audrey Daughter F S 9 Ont England Scotland Canadian English Yes No Anglican Yes 9 Student
*Brick Veneer **Wage or Salary worker