In the 19th century Adlington was a small village located about 8km north-northeast of Wigan. Today it is a town and parish on Bolton Road. John Harrison (b. 1786) and Jemima Whittle moved to Adlington from Coppull sometime between 1824 and 1833. Their youngest son, Henry, was born in Adlington in 1833 and they were in Adlington at the time of the 1841 census. Adlington was the birthplace of all of the children of John Harrison (b. 1813) and Elizabeth Ormandy for whom we have that information, beginning with Joseph Harrison (b. 1835). John and Elizabeth lived in Adlington for the first half of their married life. John was the innkeeper at the Waggon and Horses Inn in Adlington for a number of years.

Many years later, in 1871, John Jones and Elizabeth Ball settled in Adlington.

Christ Church in Adlington was founded in 1839 and closed in 1975. We have not yet investigated whether John and Elizabeth were members of this parish.

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