438 Jones Avenue
Toronto, Ontario

Harold and Agnes Harrison lived at 438 Jones Avenue from 1916 to 1918 with their sons Hank, John and Gord. It is likely that Agnes’ sister Christine Durie Rutter also lived here with the Harrison family while her husband William Rutter was on active military service during WW I.  It is also likely that Jane Durie, mother of Agnes and Christine, stayed with her daughters at this house when she came from Scotland to visit them circa 1918.

When the Harrison family moved out of 438 Jones Avenue Christine Durie continued to live at this address. William Rutter returned from the war to this house and the Rutters lived here in 1919 and 1920.

The house currently at this address (pictured) appears the same house the two families occupied. It has a recently added enclosed front porch, a finished basement and a completely renovated interior. Contemporary real estate listings describe 438 Jones as a three bedroom townhouse …”Nice Wide Lot. Gorgeous Backyard With Mature Trees.”

When Harold, Agnes and their sons left 438 Jones circa 1918 they probably moved to 113 Gledhill Avenue which Harold was constructing at the time. The family lived in the basement while Harold was building the upper floors.