The Henry Harold Harrison Family

Approximate coordinates for 88 Poolstock: N53°32.197' W2°38.107'
Approximate coordinates for 54 Poolstock: N53°31.931' W2°38.486'

Poolstock (the road), Poolstock (the area), Wigan

Poolstock is the name of both the road and area of Wigan. The road, which borders the Poolstock neighbourhood to the south, actually has several other names. To the south west it is known as Poolstock Lane. To the north east on the other side of the Leeds & Liverpool Canal (main branch) it is known as Chapel Lane. (To make matters even more confusing the road known today as Poolstock is shown on 19th century maps as Poolstock Lane!)

88 Poolstock

88 Poolstock was the residence of Henry Harrison, Henry Harold’s father, at the time of his death in the fall of 1937. Presumably his wife, Elizabeth Donahue, also lived here at the time. Daughter Nellie (b.1904), who died a spinster in 1940, may also have been living with her parents in 1937.

This house is located on the south side of Poolstock on the Leeds and Liverpool Canal (Leigh Branch) between Pool Street and Corporation Street just to the east of a lock. The 1894 Ordinance Survey Map (above) shows the approximate location of the house and lock in relation to the rest of the Poolstock neighbourhood. The house currently at this address appears old enough to be the former home of Henry and Elizabeth.

54 Poolstock Lane, Worsley Mesnes

This was the home of the Joseph Harrison (b. 1835) family in the 1891 census specifically Joseph, Ellen Ball (b. 1832) and all their daughters Elizabeth, Maria, Jemima, Ellen, Alice and Margaret.

Poolstock Lane is the continuation to the south and west of Poolstock (the road). Worsley Mesnes is the name of the area west of Poolstock. Number 54 is a few hundred metres west of Pool Street and therefore very close to the Poolstock neighbourhood and the Honeysuckle Inn. (See the 1894 Ordinance Survey Map, above)

There is currently a house at this address although it is difficult to ascertain whether this was the home of the Harrison Family some 115 years ago.

Nellie Harrison (b. 1904) resided at 124 Poolstock when she died in 1940.

Robert George Dawson, to whom Henry Harold Harrison was apprenticed, resided at 18 Poolstock at the time of the 1901 census.

50 Poolstock was the residence of Ada Louisa Lowe (and most likely the home of her parents and unmarried siblings) at the time of her marriage to John Harrison (b. 1873) in August 1903. This was only a few blocks from the Honeysuckle Inn where John Harrison was enumerated in 1901, and a few blocks from the home of John’s parents in 1901 at 92 Pool Street.

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