The Henry Harold Harrison Family

Henry Harold Harrison’s great uncle

William Harrison (1838–1910)

John Harrison
Elizabeth Ormandy
(c. 1813–1885)
Joseph Harrison
John Harrison
(c. 1836–?)
Alice Harrison
Ellen Ormandy Harrison
Jemima Harrison
Elizabeth Harrison
James Harrison
Mozella Harrison
Henry Harrison
Ann Williams
(c. 1840–1910)
Mary Elizabeth Williams
William Harrison
John Harrison
Martha Harrison
(c. 1875–?)
Joseph Harrison
James Harrison
Mary Elizabeth Gladys Harrison
(c. 1881–?)


William Harrison was the third son of John Harrison (b. 1813) from Coppull and Elizabeth Ormandy from Upholland. He was born on 23 August 1838 in Heath Charnock, north of Adlington, where his father was employed as Canal Bank Ranger patrolling a section of the Leeds Liverpool Canal.

William’s family moved to Adlington in the late 1830s. William spent his formative years there. Circa 1846 the Harrison family took up residence at the Waggon & Horses Inn in Adlington where John became the innkeeper. The Waggon & Horses would be the family home for about the next ten years. William was most certainly called upon to help out at the inn before he was old enough to go out to work. By the time of the 1851 census William, age 12, was employed as a labourer at a print works.

We lose track of John Harrison and his family after 1853 when William’s youngest brother Henry was born. Sometime during the period 1853 to 1861 John Harrison quit the Waggon & Horses and moved his family from Adlington to Wigan, where they took up residence on Great George Street near the town centre.

During this period William took up work, and perhaps an apprenticeship, in a blacksmith’s shop. By 1861 he was employed as a blacksmith, a trade he would ply for the next forty years until his retirement circa 1900. In 1861, according to the census that year, William was living at his parents’ home at 134 Great George Street where eleven family members resided including William’s grandmother Jemima.

On 14 November 1866 Ann Williams, who would later become William’s wife, gave birth out of wedlock to Mary Elizabeth Williams. It is no longer possible to know whether William fathered the child, however following his marriage to Ann he consistently referred to Mary Elizabeth as his daughter.

William and Ann were married at St. Thomas Church in Wigan on 17 September 1870. At the time of the marriage William was still living with his family, now at 17 St. Thomas Street. William’s younger sister Jemima stood as a witness at the wedding.

William and Ann appear to have been overlooked by the 1871 census. It is possible that they were travelling at the time as daughter, Mary Elizabeth, was enumerated at the home of William’s parents that year.

Between 1872 and 1881 William and Ann had six more children. For a number of years they lived at 20 Hodson Street near the centre of Wigan. The 1881 census provides a snapshot of William, Ann, and their seven children living on Hodson Street. Sometime during the 1880s the family moved to 92 Pool Street where William had family nearby. His brother Joseph was living at number 64, and his nephew Henry was at number 75 (The Honeysuckle Inn). Nephew Edward lived just around the corner at 32 Corporation Street. William lived at 92 Pool Street for the rest of his life.

At the time of the 1891 census the William Harrison family was living at 92 Pool Street. The older daughters, Mary Elizabeth and Martha, were textile workers, probably at the nearby Swan Meadows or Trencherfield Mill. The older sons, William and John, worked at local coal mines.

William continued to work as a blacksmith until about 1900 when he retired at about age 60. At the time of the 1901 census the family was still living at 92 Pool Street with three children, Martha, Joseph, and James. Son John was enumerated working at the Honeysuckle Inn that night, but it is likely that he too resided with his parents.

William’s wife, Ann, died in January 1910. William died six months later in July. They are buried together at Back to the top