The Henry Harold Harrison Family

Marriage Certificate of Henry Harrison (1860–1937) and Alice Barton (1863–1897)

Partial Transcript

Registration District: Wigan
1885. Marriage solemnized at St Thomas’ Church in the Parish of St Thomas, Wigan in the County of Lancaster

When married June 27 1885
Name and Surname Henry Harrison
Alice Barton
Age 25
Condition Bachelor
Rank or profession Engine Minder
Residence at the Time of Marriage Pool St.
Princess St.
Father’s Name and Surname Joseph Harrison
Edward Barton
Rank or Profession of Father Sawyer

Married in the St. Thomas’ Church, according to the Rites and Ceremonies of the Established Church, by —, or after [?] by me, Jas. Croushaw, Vicar

This Marriage was solemnized between us,
Henry Harrison
Alice Barton
In the presence of us,
Edward Harrison
Ellen Barton

[Copy of the original certificate obtained at the Wigan Town Hall on 7 June 2005]