The Henry Harold Harrison Family

Death Certificate of Elizabeth Harrison (1858–1946)

Partial Transcript

Registration District: Blackpool
1946. Death in the Sub-district of Blackpool North in the County Borough of Blackpool

When and where died Sixth February 1946
57 Ingleway Avenue
Name and surname Elizabeth Whitfield
Sex Female
Age 87 years
Occupation Widow of Francis Whitfield
a retired Railway Goods Guard
Cause of death 1.a. Chronic myocardial failure
b. Chronic bronchitis
Certified by C R Hardman
Signature, description and residence of informant Ellen Britnell, Daughter
present at the death
51 Ingleway Avenue, Blackpool
When registered Seventh February 1946
Signature of registrar [illegible]

[Certified copy obtained from the General Register Office, 11 June 2008]